Final Halloween Project

I finally completed my last Halloween project (for this year, anyhow) and am really happy with the results so I am not only sharing it with you but also with the readers at Tatertots and Jello for the weekend wrap-up.

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Here's my Haunted House and Subway Art:

I have seen all kinds of Subway Art this season and I was really excited about trying this myself. Here's a little run-down on how I created this -

First, I found an .svg pattern of a haunted house and cut that from black cardstock on my Cricut. Then I opened up my Photoshop program and working with an 8.5 x 11 size, I started added Halloween themed words to the blank "canvas" - making some of them horizontal, some vertical and some rotated on their side. I also incorporated a lot of different fonts so there was a lot of visual interest.

After I had a pretty good assortment of words - and a few little clip art images - I printed my sample sheet on copy paper. This way I was able to lay the cut out house over the piece and make notations of which words needed to be resized or moved to accomodate the house. I think I printed 6 or 7 sample sheets until I got everything positioned just the way I wanted. Then the finished piece was printed one last time on adhesive-backed linen paper, which has almost a canvas-y look to it.

This piece was then mounted to a cardstock mat and the house was adhered over the top. This piece was then mounted to a 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock and trimmed top and bottom with a row of matching grosgrain ribbon. I framed the piece in a scrapbook layout frame and there you have it!
Here is what the project looks like hanging in the living room:

(I put together the arrangement in the tin holder as well. Yes, the craftiness overcame me this season!)

I hope you like this little project and it inspires you to try your hand at Subway Art. For more great ideas, be sure to visit Tatertots and Jello - you'll be crafting up a storm in no time!



Jennifer @ Muse Lodge said...

I think this is the best Subway Art I've seen yet. I love it!!