This past week (before things got a little crazy) I had some time to create a card for the weekly challenge at All That Scraps. I love that you can get a lot of their images in digi format and I fell in love with Kiki -

Is she just not the cutest? The challenge this week was to work with the colors Caribbean, Celery and Pink. The blue of the DP is maybe not quite what I would call Caribbean but check out her robe and slippers! (They actually match pretty closely to the DP - it just looks a little off in the photo). And a little sparkly froo-froo on her too! Oh and the Celery color? You can find that on her mug and the tiny gems are green as well. I would love to be hanging out for a day in my robe and slippers too but I wouldn't be as darn cute as Kiki!

I may not be around for a few days through out the coming week as we will be busy helping my daughter and son-in-law at their new house!! First-time home buyers and they are so excited! And I am thrilled because they are only a couple of blocks from us!!

But now comes the work because there is painting and yard work and cleaning and all that stuff that comes with a house so I will be working my hiney off over the coming days. And throw in dinner guests from out of town tomorrow - yikes! Calgon - take me away! Or maybe hold that thought till we get at least a little work accomplished.

Have a good week everyone and I will be back soon!



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That is a cute image. Kind of how I look in the morning, except I don't wear curlers and my eyes aren't as wide open. :) Best wishes for getting the happy couple settled in their new house.