It's Friday - is it over yet?

Sorry this is not going to be an artwork filled post as I have had a crazy day and am too tired to even think straight.

We decided to have a tree cut down in our backyard - it's right near the corner of our house. So they took the tree down yesterday, no problem. Today they sent someone to remove the stump and guess what? He hit a buried electric line that we didn't know was there and now there's no power in our garage!!! Not a huge deal, you might think since we don't park in there but our freezer is in there! So we load up what's in the freezer and take it to my sister to store in hers. An electrician comes over, looks at it, can't do any repairs until Monday (of course, holiday weekend!) Electrician leaves, dog is in the house throwing up for some reason, dinner isn't ready yet.....yeah, it's been a looonnnggg day!

So I will be back tomorrow with a post after I'm not in such a bad mood (nothing like getting a good price for a tree to be removed and then having to pay a whole lot more for electric repair!)

Until then -


laos348 said...

What an awful day! I hope things get better this weekend.

katiesniche said...

What a day! Mine was only a tad better....my daughter flew out today...but we missed the first flight (by about 10 min...they wouldn't help me at all, I kept telling them our flight was going to be missed...."Please stand in line" UGH) due to extrememly long lines from spring break, her dad yelled at me like I did it on purpose (she is spending the week with him) and her rescheduled flight was over 3 hours later...so there's me at the airport with an infant and teenager, one bottle and hours to go, UGH! Well, she arrived ok and the baby slept well last night, lol.

I hope that they get your power on without any problems and that you didn't lose any food from your freezer.

Kay said...

Goodness!! I need a drink and I was only reading about it, not living it. Hope things are better now :)