Where did Day 5 go??

Yes I am really late in posting today but I have a good excuse - I spent all of my free time today finishing my holiday cookie baking - yeah! Oh except for the cut out cookies which I sent home with my daughter in hopes that she will enjoy baking and decorating more than I will!

So seeing as it is late, and I am exhausted, I am going to make this short and sweet and offer you a great cookie recipe to try!

Forgotten Cookies:
Start with 2 egg whites in a glass bowl (not plastic)
Beat with hand mixer until white, frothy and starting to get a little thick
Slowly beat in 2/3 c. of white sugar. Continue beating about 3 minutes - you are creating merinque (hmmm....not sure that's how that is spelled) and you want the mixture to be shiny and stiff.
To test this, when you are done beating, tip the bowl sideways - the mixture should not slide around in the bowl.

Ok now fold in by hand with a spoon 6 oz. of chocolate chips (or you can use peppermint chips or mini chips - whatever you'd like).

Drop cookie dough onto greased cookie sheets by a rounded tablespoon. Now, here's the good part - slide your cookie sheets into a preheated 350 degree oven and turn the oven off! Now just forget your cookies - until tomorrow - and when you return to check on them, they will be ready for an airtight container.

Easy peasy.



HaleyD said...

I have heard of something like this for Easter, and they will be empty in the middle when you bite into them. Do you know if this is the same recipe? Sounds yummy!

Sandra S. said...

Can't wait to make these!

intelligence said...
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