Missing Mojo....

I have been so busy with this and that, fall cleaning, sick kid, running here, running there, that I haven't had time for any creating - until tonight. And I was really looking forward to playing with a new stamp I recently got from The Cat's Pajamas and then...a stamper's nightmare - the mojo was gone! I worked and reworked and stamped and restamped and I just wasn't feeling it! I think this image is so cute and yet I had one heck of a time finding a good way to present it. So here are my feeble attempts:

Ok so partridge card #1 has some great paper (you can see it with the angel card I made in an earlier post- I just had to use the leftovers - too pretty to waste!) and the image and ribbon are all color coordinated but yikes! Too busy! So onto partridge card #2:

Ok this one is a little better - of course, it took me 4 tries to get this but hey, it kinda works for me. Now what you can't see is the little red ink smudge I got on the card (from dirty fingers) because I "photoshopped" it out! Not sure the card can be saved due to the smudge but at least I get to show it here before I round file it. I do want to point out though that my JustRite stamped words almost perfectly fit on the circle image of the patterned paper. Almost, but not quite. Guess I should have just thrown in the towel tonight and tried again tomorrow. Hopefully, the rest of my holiday cards will move along much smoother!

So what do you think of these cards? Any redeeming factors? Have you had one of those days when creating? What did you do to get over it? Let me a comment - maybe you'll inspire me for my next evening of creativity. Now it's time for bed!


Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Oh no way! This is no mojo!?! I think these are just stunning. I love both layouts: PURE Gorgeousness. And the colours are so very pretty! Fantastic stamp. :O)