Now just what can I do here?

Ok so I am slow about getting into the blog world but I'm trying. I see people posting artwork and such so I'm gonna try that. Not sure how it will work but what the heck, I'll take a stab at it. So let's see, how about I add something I created recently. I am really going to try to get published before the year is out but so far, nadda. But I'm hanging in there - when I have time. So here's an item I submitted - what do you think?

Ignore the black band on the right hand side - I left the space there so you could see the page clip sticking off the edge of the card.

No stamping on this one - just rub-ons, sanding, chipboard....oh and some gemstones, although those are hard to see.

So my birthday is in 2 days and I plan on being lazy most of the weekend. Maybe stamp, maybe scrap...maybe nothing. Thanks for visiting today.